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Churches United is a global organization that champions the local church and advances the cause of Christ through uniting to do greater – than what we could do individually. We are passionate to protect, defend and promote the local church as God’s designated institution and the only place ordained to bring corporate spiritual nurture and life. Jesus emphasized this in Matthew 16:18: “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Furthermore, we are on a rescue mission for the Kingdom believing that – not only does God’s church have a mission but – God’s mission has a Church that will impact the world through salvation, discipleship, and empowerment. Our leadership is intentional and strategy-based that is designed to bring about godly success in our local churches, communities where we live, as well as, our families, and personal lives. We believe that every person and every church connected to Churches United will be infused with power, passion and purpose.


We believe that God has called and selected a special group of individuals to shepherd God’s people. And because Pastors are anointed to provide the very challenging job of spiritual leadership and pastoral care for the church – we feel compelled and passionate to care for them.

Churches United provides empowerment sessions, Pastoral training, as well as times of refreshing and fellowship. Our platform is designed to strengthen and encourage the Pastoral office as they serve as preachers, teachers, counselors, and chief administrators for their churches and congregations.

Pastors Wives

God has called dynamic and anointed individuals to support the senior pastor – the Pastors’ Wives. We believe that this is a calling because, through marriage, God has joined them to the Senior Pastor and the greater work of pastoral service and ministry.

Churches United recognizes that, sometimes, these individuals are overlooked and underserved.  We believe that their role is vital to the success of the local church and is in need of special attention.  Pastor Deborah leads powerful sessions to empower and encourage the Pastors’ Wives.


Not realizing it, the P.K.s (Pastors Kids) are born into ministry families and are subjected to challenges and an environment that’s quite different than what other children see.

At Churches United, we believe that God has a special designation concerning our “ministry family” offspring. Specific attention is given to addressing the needs of the P.K.s and empowering them to be what God has called them to be.

Church Leadership

Undergirding the level of impact of the local church is the significant ministry of Church Leadership. It’s the leaders that bring “real-time” ministry, breathe life into the vision, and carry the culture. If you want an effective church you must have good leaders.

At Churches United, we have structured an intentional approach to leadership development. With programs such as our Leadership Academy, we bring instructional sessions and tools that will help bring vision and mission to pass at the local Church.

Church Membership

Central to God’s mission is the ministry of Jesus Christ through the local church. The health of the membership of the local church is of vital importance to Churches United.

People are united as members of the Body of Christ through their connection at church. This local expression brings life to the ministry – in corporate worship, community service, and an opportunity to use their gifts.

Churches United provides activities, fellowship, training, and conferences to help nurture and encourage the well-being and spiritual fitness of our local congregations.


Kingdom Life continues through the generations of young people that come through our local churches. Churches United provides specialized programs in Youth ministry to build strong leaders for the present and the future.

Youth are energized by age-appropriate curriculums designed around Christian principles and positive character empowerment that will aid in bringing success to the local church. With strong leadership, training and fellowship – we believe that we will successfully produce our next generational pastors, church, community, and family leaders.

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