God’s true church is commissioned to take the lead to establish Christian authority, values and principles in the earth even while challenged by a world culture that seeks to diminish the Voice of God.

According to the New Testament, the church is a “called out” group of believers that take a stand for righteousness, assemble together, pray for situations, worship corporately, fellowship with one another and lead to transform the community that surrounds them.

In this present age, great effort must be given to preserve this Biblical model as the Church labors to get people saved and make disciples for Jesus Christ globally.

The Church also must remain a moral compass and be a leading force for righteousness despite the enemy and Kingdom of darkness’ efforts to divide and distract the Body of Christ.

That’s where Churches United comes in. We are Pastors, Leaders and Local Church congregations that are committed and commissioned to unite, lead in God’s work and push God’s agenda to make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

We are here to establish strong churches in every region of the world.  We believe that God has ordained the church as a life system that will continue to bring power and transformation to our communities and beyond.

We are the church—Churches United: We lead. We grow. We impact.



Bishop Lyle Dukes is the Lead Senior Pastor of the Harvest Life Church in Woodbridge, Virginia founded with his wife, Pastor Deborah Dukes in 1995. Together they work with the mission of unifying and empowering the local church in its efforts concerning the salvation of souls, discipleship in Christian principles and serving the needs of the community and region.

Bishop Dukes is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Master studies in Business Administration. He is a veteran, having served as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army, and he is a successful author of over twenty books.

Bishop Dukes is the Presiding Bishop of Churches United along with his wife Pastor Deborah, who serves as Executive Director. Together they serve as “Pastors to Pastors” through this international organization. Churches United is a global ministry which includes approximately 500 churches in the United States and abroad.

Additionally, Bishop Dukes is sought after in the corporate arena for his godly wisdom, integrity and business skill. He serves on the boards of several organizations, including having served as the Chairman of the Board of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, the largest municipal Chamber in Virginia.

His loving relationship with his wife and partner in ministry, Pastor Deborah, serves as a model for marriages around the world. Their powerful close-knit relationship has become a signature of their ministry as they reach the world together for Christ.

Bishop Lyle Dukes is a passionate Kingdom leader on a mission to bring people together, teaching and empowering them to do greater than what they could do on their own. He is a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, son and friend.

Pastor Deborah Dukes is a “Proverbs 31 woman” and her husband, child and grandchildren “arise and call her blessed.” She is the daughter of Pastor Lorene Poindexter and the late Bishop Carver Poindexter of the Love of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. It was there she received her foundation in Christ. Pastor Deborah is an anointed woman of God dedicated to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ with a strong passion to bring in, nurture and empower souls for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Deborah is the co-founder of Harvest Life Church in Woodbridge, Virginia where she and her husband, Bishop Lyle Dukes, serve as Senior Pastors. Pastor Deborah is the Executive Director of Churches United, where she along with Presiding Bishop, Bishop Dukes, serves as “Pastors to Pastors” and provides spiritual leadership and empowerment to approximately 500 churches in the United States, Europe, Africa and beyond.

Together they work with the mission of unifying and empowering the local church in its efforts concerning salvation of souls, discipleship in Christian principles and serving the needs of the community and region. Pastor Deborah is the recipient of a Bachelor of Christian Education degree and she has authored numerous books with her husband Bishop Dukes. She has produced and directed 4 life-changing stage plays: Church Wives, The #1 Player, The Sinner’s Choir and The Wishing Well. She has a gift to equip and empower leaders and has a specialty for organizational infrastructure development.

Her ministry as a mother helped to shape and develop her daughter, Minister Brittany Dukes-Bryant, to be a powerful young woman of God. Brittany currently serves as the Youth Pastor at the Harvest Life Church leading hundreds of youth; teaching, training and developing life-changing programs to help them to be strong Christian leaders.

Pastor Deborah Dukes is a passionate Kingdom leader on a mission to use her platforms and all of her gifts, talents and experiences to help people live an intentional life now to produce victorious Kingdom results. She is a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend.


Bishop Leroy Maddix and
First Lady Cynthia Maddix
Churches United Regional Directors – Europe

Bishop Jonah Bedan and
First Lady Consolata Bedan
Churches United Regional Directors – Africa

Pastor Brittany Dukes-Bryant
Churches United Youth Pastor


To champion the cause of the local church, protecting, defending and uplifting it.

To have strong local churches representing Churches United in every region.

To have churches that will impact, influence and push God′s agenda in their communities.

To have churches that will unite together to make a global impact.

To provide a covering and support system for Pastors and local churches.

To unite in Christian fellowship to strengthen one another and build relationships.


  • We Lead

    Leadership is imperative for spiritual success. Pastors need pastors and leaders need leaders! As you serve in positions of spiritual leadership, we are here to support you with organizational infrastructure, tools, training and strong leadership guidance as you carry out God’s vision for your church.

  • We Train

    Our training program is very intentional. We have served as church leaders for more than 35 years, 25 of them as pastors – and we have seen a lot! Our training is designed to navigate Senior Pastors concerning the challenges of pastoring and leadership to be more effective in helping their churches. From hiring/managing staff and developing a strong leadership team to recruiting and retaining volunteers, managing finances – we are here to help.

  • We Care

    We get it! As pastors, we spend so much time caring for others that we can tend to neglect important areas of our own lives. We have a heart for pastors and other significant leaders and provide strategies to help you care for yourself, your family and your congregation.

  • We Elevate

    Let’s go higher together! As an organization, Churches United will provide a vehicle for spiritual elevation – in our leadership certification programs for deacons, ministers, elders, pastors and bishops. We also elevate the level of ministry of your church with our ministry training programs, pastoral accountability and more.

  • We Fellowship

    We believe in the power of fellowship! Periodically, we come together for Churches United events – training, conferences, meetings, recreational events and more.

  • We Support

    You cannot afford to undervalue infrastructure when you are running a church. We have church forms, correspondence templates, ministry setup/staffing instructions, information about available government/community resources and more. Why reinvent the wheel? We have what you need for administration so you can put more of your focus on vision.

  • We Invest

    Let’s face it – we can do exponentially more when we work together than we can alone! We are called to make a Kingdom impact and from building projects to developing global community improvement programs and more, we look forward to investing our resources to change lives and make a difference. When you are a part of Churches United, you will see your finances in action!

  • We Build

    Churches United has a real-time objective to build and expand the Kingdom of God. We engage in designing major programs and buildings for strategic ministry including our Harvest Center in Nakuru, Kenya and our new Worship Center and Churches United Headquarters (Woodbridge, VA). We know that whatever we build always winds up building us.