We are so excited about the work that God has blessed Churches United to be part of in Kenya, Africa!  In addition to churches in the United States, we are connected with more than 500 churches there, providing spiritual leadership as well as helping to meet their physical needs.  We have several major programs operating in Kenya – the Harvest Conference Center, our Pastoral Training Center and Dormitory and our schools.  We are currently making plans to build a medical center in an area of Kenya where there is very limited medical care available.


We worked with our Regional Director, Bishop Jonah Bedan (Christian Outreach Ministries) to build the Harvest Conference Center in Nakuru, Kenya.  It is a beautiful 2,000-seat facility that is used for weekly church services, food and clothing distribution, as a Pastoral Training Center and Dormitory and more!  Powerful conferences such as the Church Leadership Conference and Youth Conference are held annually in this facility.  These events and services have been a blessing to the local residents as well as those who travel from hundreds of miles away to attend! So many lives are being changed and souls are being saved – shifting the destinies of not just individuals but generations…and we are blessed to be a part of it!


We have been blessed to build several schools and orphanages in Kenya, Africa.  When we visit, we see the difference we are making in their lives, as many of their parents cannot afford to pay tuition. We believe that we are called to help these children see a bright future by providing them with a strong academic and spiritual education. We also know that many children come to school to get lunch. For some of them, the meal provided by our school is the only meal they will have all day.

We are doing a great work with these precious children and we welcome you to partner with us as we give them the best chance possible at reaching a bright future.


The Pastoral Training Center is a powerful 2-year program designed to equip and train pastors to go back to their native countries and start Christian churches.  These churches are strategically planted where there is currently no Christian presence.  We have trained pastors from Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and other countries – and their churches are now thriving.


We look forward to opening our medical center because the need is so great for this area.  There is one small medical clinic serving 5,000 families.  There is one maternity bed.  If two women come in, in labor at the same time, one of them will not have a bed to deliver in.  We want to provide a facility that will allow more families to receive proper medical attention and the level of care needed to sustain good health.